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You are a part of a network of entrepreneurs who share a burning desire to become the best version of themselves. As a member you have access to decades of collective expertise from top business leaders around the world. All curated to bring out the leadership skills that you can use to secure your business idea, build an incredible team and launch an innovative product at scale.

01. Fownders Learning

Emotional Intelligence






Social Media



Product Development



Our social learning platform provides you access to a library of video and audio content that is updated weekly and monthly, that spans Fownders three core learning pillars: business development, personal growth, and influencer development.

We understand these pillars to be the foundation for success. We use the areas on the left to build these pillars from the ground up.

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Fireside Chats

We have fireside chats many times a year. Come listen to the rock bottom to rockstar stories from all of your favorite entrepreneurs and personalities.


Download secrets of the trade: excel sheets, and related document templates needed to develop, grow, and build a business successfully.

Discounted Access
to Workshops

Our workshops are created around our curriculum areas of personal development, business development, and influencer development. You can receive up to 50% off these workshops.

02. Social Currency Masterclass

20+ videos on unlocking your potential, developing your personal brand, growing your following on social media, and building real relationships.

03. The Fownders Mentor Network

Fownders mentors are renowned experts in a diverse variety of fields. They share their knowledge and experience with Fownders members via the virtual platform, workshops, masterclasses, and videos.

04. Weekly Private Live Facebook Streams

Our leadership team and experts will answer your questions on personal development, business development, and influencer development via a private Facebook Live Stream for one hour long every Wednesday at 7pm.

05. Premium Private Slack Community

Our Premium Private Slack Channel is the place for you to get cutting edge access to focused information around our curriculum areas. It is also a place for you to have your questions answered directly by one of our leadership team members.

06. Deals, Resources & Tools From Our Partners

We have secured over 60 partners that are being added to the platform so that you can have access to the best startup deals on the market, so that you can save money because we know that every dollar counts.

07. Private Member Experiences

A huge part of what Fownders does is host a variety of in-person experiences for our community ranging from fireside chats, exclusive member pitch nights with the Fownders Angel Network and more. Members can access even more exclusive experience as they grow within the Fownders ecosystem.

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving?

08. Masterclasses

Masterclasses are 5 videos long and are taught by a high level expert in a specific industry. They help you achieve one specific outcome, and look to improve your overall quality of life. We aim to have 50 masterclasses released over the next few months. Right now, you get full access to all of our masterclasses, which are on:
Personal Branding

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